Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS: The Favorite Scapegoat for Anyone Who Wants to be ‘Someone’ in French Politics

Eight terrorists and suicide bombers have proceeded, with great precision, to murder over 120 innocent people in several locations throughout Paris.

All eight have been killed.  Not one was brought in to custody for questioning, although there are some suspects being questioned in Belgium.

The media has declared that this attack was an act of revenge for Frances involvement in the Syrian war.  But, other, more skeptical observers have been led to wonder, “Why didn’t they attack a Russian target?”  After all, it is Russia, not France, who has moved troops and heavy weaponry in to Syria to snuff out ISIS.

And, why, in light of all of the anti-immigrant sentiment throughout Europe, would these alleged Islamists orchestrate such a terrorist attack, especially considering that the there will, for sure, be a major government blow-back against the influx of Muslim refugees?

(Photo Source: The Guardian) This alleged ISIS attack conveniently comes before a critical election for the Front National party in France, that would place Marine Le Pen, the daughter of a radical, anti-immigrant politician, Jean-Marie Le Pen,  in a position of power.

From my perspective, I just don’t ‘see’ a solid connection between ISIS and this terrorist attack in Paris.  The timing is just too convenient given the upcoming elections there.  And, it is equally convenient that all eight terrorists were killed, leaving behind no one to interrogate…an interrogation that would most surely reveal deeper motives behind this mass killing.

Remember, “false flags” have been used for decades throughout Europe by NATO’s secret armies who use terrorism to push forward political and commercial agendas.  And, who better to blame than everyone’s favorite scapegoat, ISIS?

That’s right!  ISIS is, for the most part, a relatively impotent force in Europe, with no clear leadership, and no backers who could help them get their hands on the types of guns and ammo used in the Paris massacre, and coordinate such a widespread attack without being detected.  ISIS, in general, is loosely organized (although, I do believe that they have been infiltrated in certain parts of the Middle East by Iran), and can easily be stamped out by Europe or the United States if the desire were there.

This was an inside job.  The plot was concocted within France, by French nationals, with a vested interest in the upcoming elections.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Greek Riots (As Predicted)! Will We Finally See a GREXIT?

Earlier this year, while many online pundits were predicting that Greece would leave the Eurozone, I predicted that they wouldn’t, thanks to many key Greek politicians taking bribes from the ECB (European Central Bank) to stay in the European Union. Instead, I predicted that it would take riots by the Greek people to move the Grexit forward, and these riots would begin in October, 2015.

Well, my timing was off by about a couple of weeks, but sure enough, HERE COME THE RIOTS!

What’s next? Watch for a major announcement by the Greeks in April of 2016, declaring that they’ve developed new allegiances outside of the Eurozone. I suspect that this will be with Russia—the talks for which have already been widely reported earlier in 2015.

This Grexit will force the ECB and its NATO allies to flood the country with troops, actions that will not sit well with the determined Greek people!  By August of 2016, Greek could finally pry the grip of the ECB over its country and be on its way to new trade deals abroad which should revitalize the country.

Be sure to read my original post on this subject which contains predictions about Italy and France, too!  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

IRONIC: Israelis Protest Netanyahu's Deal with U.S. Gas Giant...Gas they Stole from Palestine

Have you ever wondered what is actually behind Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people? After all, if Israel was the land of God's true 'chosen people,' there would be eternal peace in that region, at least by Christian standards, wouldn't there?  Why exactly do the Israelis need all of Palestine's land when the boundaries between Israel and Palestine were clearly established long ago under the United Nations' Partition Plan.

"Thousands gathered across Israel in protest to speak out against PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s natural gas deal with US energy giant Noble Energy. The deal is likely to receive approval shortly, but critics describe it as “the great gas robbery." .... "Demonstrators waved Israeli flags and carried signs reading “Gas theft,” while chanting slogans such as “This is our gas.”"  (Source: Russia Today, Nov 8, 2015)


Not really, according to many around the world including the Centre for Research on Globalization who points out that the gas..."our gas" question really belongs to the Palestinians, and was recently stolen by Israel as part of Operation Cast Lead (2007), [and its more recent Operation Protective Edge (2014), which both] led to Isreal's confiscation of Palestinian gas fields in violation of international law."  The area seized included Leviathan...the natural gas field in question.
Map of the Levant Basin and Leviathan Gas Fields (in red).

Behind the Israeli government stands the U.S. multi-national corporation Nobel Gas and the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.  Together, these entities, along with the Israeli government, have inked a multi-billion dollar deal that  "which gives Israel the capacity to “use its position to achieve strategic aims.""

So, what are Israel's "strategic aims?"

While the Israelis claim that Iran is out to get them, it is Israel who is, in fact, out to steal from Iran the same types of resources they've stolen from the Palestinians, and then exterminate their people in the process.  The Israelis have no allegiance to the United States whatsoever, despite the "aid" that the U.S. has been steadily funneling to them over the years. The Israelis 'roll their eyes' and secretly mock the Americans for our gullibility.

Saudi Arabia is Israel's puppet.  And, the Saudis aren't the 'sharpest tools in the shed,' either when it comes to Israel's true aims!  There is much speculation about the size and influence of Israel's secret army in Middle East terrorism activities.  However, there is really no need for the Israelis to be more active when it comes to such secret operations, mostly because Israel allows the Saudis to do their dirty work through al Nusra, al Quaeda and other covert armies.  This strategy of Israel is slowly bleeding the Saudis dry. Unfortunately for the Israelis, it will be the Iranians who quietly steal control over the Saudis from behind the scenes.

Israel's imperialistic aims are being subdued by the Russians who are establishing their a stronger military presence in Israel's immediate neighbor country, Syria.  In particular, Russia will maintain a full naval fleet off of Syria's coast, which sits adjacent to the (stolen) Israeli Leviathan gas fields off the cost of Israel/Palestine. This gives Russia, and its allies an opportunity to insert themselves in to the gas deal between Israel and Jordan. After all, how will all that natural gas be transported between these two countries without crossing Russian-controlled waters or land?

The bottom line is, this is all about imperialism. Whether you're Israeli, American, a Saudi, Iranian or Russian, control of energy is the key to your own country's prosperity and protection against those who seek to destroy and control.