Saturday, February 28, 2015

Obama Internet Regulation: Suppression of Free Speech & Jail Time for Government Critics Coming. Predictions!

Obama & Friends (the FCC) just pushed forward a secret and sweeping "Net Neutrality" bill that critics are claiming will give the government complete control over the widely unregulated public internet.  Many fear that this secret legislation will squelch the rapid advancement of telecommunications technologies and small to medium businesses.  While others note that there is a hidden agenda to suppress government critics.

What's in store for the internet under Obama's secret legislation?

First, it is clear that the government intends to integrate NSA data collection and control activities, with that of private enterprises like Google, Facebook, Verizon and AT&T to name a few.  These plans have been public for some time thanks to the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden.  

But, what some may not realize is, that down the line, by 2016/2017, anyone with a Youtube channel, website, Facebook or Twitter account, who criticizes the U.S. government and any of its crony friends (like Monsanto, Nestle, and so on), will be forced to obtain a license, comply with free speech restrictions, or face hefty penalties and even jail time.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear stories of 'disappearances' and even rendition to U.S.-based CIA black sites like the one recently uncovered in Chicago by The Guardian!

Yes, America is going down the path of Nazi Germany, but it should be no surprise as the U.S. is about to lose its sovereignty to big, central banks and the IMF in 2016--the same banks who were built by the Nazis and the Zionists who profited during WW2.

Is McDonalds McOVER? Psychic Predictions.

In light of McDonald's ongoing problems both in the United States and especially in the Asia-Pacific region, it really doesn't take a psychic to predict that they're in danger of becoming McGONE within the next few years.

While some believe that this factory-farm-fueled, fast-food giant can turn things around, I believe the company will slowly crumble over the next couple of years.  I wouldn't be surprised if those golden arches aren't completely removed from the global landscape by 2017!

How will Americans survive? We'll survive quite nicely without the likes of these corporations that pay employees a pittance, serve GMO-laden foods, and treat their animals in a manner that surely makes Mother Nature weep!

In particular, look for the re-emergence of diner and cafeteria-style enterprises that serve good, old-fashioned American style food. "Retro" is the word when it comes to running a successful restaurant over the next few years. And, it wouldn't hurt to serve up non-GMO and non-factory-farmed foods, either!

Pictured: McDonalds, South Korea (from company website)

Pro-Kiev, Anti-Russian Opposition Leader Murdered outside Kremlin. Who's to blame? Predictions.

Anti Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemstov, has been murdered in an obvious, coordinated 'hit' outside of the Kremlin.  Western leaders have been quick to imply that Russian President Vladmir Putin was behind the killing, and have defended the pro-Kiev Nemstov as being a 'tireless advocate for democracy.

Who really killed Nemstov?  Was the Kremlin and in particular, Putin behind the murder, or is there another agenda at play?

Sorry Russia-haters, but Nemstov was nothing but a pro-Ukrainian agitator who just happened to get in to an argument over money with members of his own inner circle.  These individuals have nothing to do with Putin, and the motive behind his killing was two-fold: (1) revenge and (2) to fuel the anti-Putin propaganda.

In other words, the Kremlin had nothing to do with the murder that was so obviously staged at the Kremlin's front door, and occurred just before an anti-Russia protest, to implicate Putin.  Putin himself would absolutely know who these individuals are as he has made great efforts to weed out these corrupt individuals from the current Russian leadership.  I wouldn't be surprised to see these individuals under arrest within the next two weeks.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who's Really in Charge of ISIS? Iran? Yes, Iran (At Least for Now).

From the beginning of the emergence of ISIS in Iraq and now throughout the Middle East, just about every vlogger pointed the finger at the U.S. government and the CIA as being its puppet-master. True, there were some prominent individuals in ISIS that had been trained by the CIA and our partners like Jordan, but the direct connection between the U.S. and this radical organization has never emerged.

From the beginning, I called our IRAN as being the country in control of ISIS.  It just made sense. Iran's secret armies--their versions of the United States' CIA--are far more organized, sophisticated, and extremely loyal to the Iranian leadership.  And, Iran's covert activities in Iraq have been well-known.

Just today, I found this great article by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs that explains how and why Iran could come to control ISIS, completely supporting my original prediction. Check it out. And, remember, there's more to the world than meets the eye!

The remaining question is whether the United States is working secretly with Iran, as this article speculates. I'm not sure that I agree with this assertion in the purest sense. Instead, I think that it is possible that private, banking and commercial entities (such as for-hire mercenaries), from both the United States and Europe may be funding ISIS (as they fund the CIA, contrary to popular belief that this organization is funded and controlled solely by the U.S. government) for their own ends.

These finer details are much harder to decipher as there are so many entities, not yet publicly known, involved in funding private armies for their own global aims. But, suffice it to say, they are out there, and it is possible to root them out with a little time and patience.

President Obama: Torturer In Chief...on Steroids!

If you watch the U.S. news, you may have noticed the big to-do about Senator Diane Feinstein's December 2014 torture report, that revealed that "The CIA misled former President George W. Bush, other policymakers and the American public about the extent and effectiveness of interrogation techniques of terrorist suspects that amounted to torture under international law."

The report, which detailed horrific torture techniques like "rectal rehydration" led to President Obama's executive decision to "shield the architects of the CIA torture program from legal action."  And while the United States has publicly claimed that all torture programs and activities by "U.S. personnel" have ceased, we have to wonder, is the Liar in Chief actually telling the truth?  If not, exactly what is the U.S. government up to?

If President George W. Bush dipped his fingers in the bloody business of torture, as Feinstein's report suggested, President Obama is up to his elbows in the worst possible forms of torture, geared towards the worst possible aim. And that aim is to establish a new, brainwashed, Dark Army, independent of any governmental rule, and subject to the grand designs of select members of the Global Elite leading the charge towards a "New World Order".

Don't believe me? Just look at ISIS--an organization trained by the likes of the CIA and Mossad, but, currently hijacked by Iran's own version of the least for the time being. ISIS is, in many ways, The Global Elite's Dark Army come to life, but with its own perverse designs.  However, Israel's Mossad , in alignment with the likes of the MI5, will eventually regain control over ISIS, and redirect its activities against Iran over the next several years. They will flood the Middle East with the worst possible atrocities, directed and funded by the biggest ZioNazi banks (the IMF, ECB, The Federal Reserve, and so on).

So, if you're confused by ISIS and where the heck they came from, start to think outside of the big government military box.  There are forces at work that extend beyond the imaginable, and they're pretty, darn, awful.  Obama is just another AmeriKan lackey, complicit in facilitating secret torture programs that make privately designed and manipulated Dark Armies like ISIS possible.
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