Will Russia Stamp out ISIS in Syria? (Hint: It’s not ISIS That They’re Gunning For!)

As I watch various Youtube channels and the predictions of various commentators like ‘Fabian for Liberty,” Greg Hunter, and others, I oftentimes post my own predictions, most (if not all) of which have come to pass.  On a previous Fabian for Liberty post on the Ukrainian crisis, wherein the show’s host, Fabian Calvo, predicted that Russia would invade the Ukraine, I disagreed. Instead, I predicted that Russia would redirect its attention to the Middle East, and in particular, engage in war with the Saudis.

Here we are months later, and as predicted, Russian forces are in Syria, waging war against ISIS (or, “The Islamic State”).  Or, are they?

According to a map of recent air strikes by Russia in Syria, posted by The Washington Post, Russia isn’t targeting ISIS at all, but instead, has its sights set on Syria’s al-Qaeda affiliate—Jabhat al-Nusra, who are backed by none other than Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

So, my prediction that Russia would be at war with the Saudis has come true, but what of ISIS? Are they a real threat?  And, who is controlling them?

In a previous post, I wrote about how Iran is actually in control of ISIS at the moment…not the United States as many might suspect. When President Obama and others claim that they are planning to send troops in to Syria to train moderate rebels, they are, in some respects, telling the truth (go figure!)  Sadly, these men and women from the U.S. are being sent in to certain death, both at the hands of ISIS, but even more so at the hands of the Saudis!

What is to come of Russia’s intervention in Syria?  Will it be a never-ending war, or will their efforts pay off?

Yes, the dust will settle in relatively short order, I predict.  Yet, I would expect Russia to keep a naval presence in the area that should allow time for the Syrian Army to re-establish control after the New Year, as soon as the end of the first quarter, 2016.

And, as for the Saudis, the royal families remain in a state of chaos, but I expect Iranian intervention in the region, as outlined in one of my previous posts. Check it out.

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