IRONIC: ISIS Leader is a Homosexual (Erdogan, Turkey, Radical Islam)

Okay, so the irony of my early morning post about Turkey’s Erdogan and his role in coordinating ISIS escapades throughout the Middle East and Europe hit me while I was running errands a couple hours after I clicked ‘submit’.  I’m a little slow with these things, but better late than never, I guess.

That’s right, the key go-to guy for the European/Global elite who have been funneling money into ISIS to fulfill their hegemonic desires through Islamic State-sponsored terrorism, go to none other than a closeted homosexual!

(Earlier today, I wrote)
“What drives Erdogan?  Money, plain and simple. He’s an opportunist who has a penchant for jewelry, fine clothes, homes and cars.  He cares nothing about his own people who worship the ground he walks on, as if he were ‘god’. He has no interest in “the ladies” as we say here in the West, but instead, prefers the company of at least one of his regular boys.”

I'm an American, and like many Americans, I don’t really have anything against the gay/lesbian community. I’ve had many gay friends over the years, and I only want them to have what makes them truly happy.  But, what I do have an issue with is a narcissistic psychopath like Erdogan facilitating the reign of terror ISIS/ISIL has brought up on the world's Christians, Muslims, and yes, his fellow gays, too.

Now, on a lighter note, I couldn't help but wonder who Erdogan fantasizes about when he's alone at night?

His loving wife?


A dark, swarthy, Arabian night?

Hmmmmm....maybe, but not quite...

Scroll down to see Erdogan's 'ideal man' (and no, I'm not joking!)

(Photo) Women around the world fantasize over actor/director Dolph Lundgren, famous for his co-starring role in one of the Rocky sequels alongside Sly Stalone….and so does Turkey’s dear leader, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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