Greek Riots (As Predicted)! Will We Finally See a GREXIT?

Earlier this year, while many online pundits were predicting that Greece would leave the Eurozone, I predicted that they wouldn’t, thanks to many key Greek politicians taking bribes from the ECB (European Central Bank) to stay in the European Union. Instead, I predicted that it would take riots by the Greek people to move the Grexit forward, and these riots would begin in October, 2015.

Well, my timing was off by about a couple of weeks, but sure enough, HERE COME THE RIOTS!

What’s next? Watch for a major announcement by the Greeks in April of 2016, declaring that they’ve developed new allegiances outside of the Eurozone. I suspect that this will be with Russia—the talks for which have already been widely reported earlier in 2015.

This Grexit will force the ECB and its NATO allies to flood the country with troops, actions that will not sit well with the determined Greek people!  By August of 2016, Greek could finally pry the grip of the ECB over its country and be on its way to new trade deals abroad which should revitalize the country.

Be sure to read my original post on this subject which contains predictions about Italy and France, too!  

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