France Launches “FREE” Attacks on on “ISIS Strongholds” in Syria. No French or U.S. Taxpayer Affected! (LOL!)

France has apparently taken it up the @ss from IMF/NATO war-driven coalition, intent on boosting the Petrodollar with more government debt via arms sales.

In particular, following the latest false flag attack in Paris, which killed and injured SCORES of trusting, tax-paying, French citizens who would no more question the allegiance of their own government to their own national interests than question that the sun rises and sets each and every day, have joined in with support for the latest Iraqi-style war in the Middle East.

But, the French military have proven themselves to be completely impotent in all matters that serve humanity’s best interest, opting instead, to honor aspiring politicians’ promises to the ECB, IMF, and American interests, to boost arms sales, starting with joining in the so-called ‘war’ against the illusory ISIS.

France’s recent bombings in Syria (30 expensive bombs dropped, with 28 of them actually hitting ISIS (read: “civilian”) targets.  ISIS has claimed no casualities, while the international media has claimed “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” (read: Ummmm…where did the Boogeyman go?!)

“But French bombs may have killed few of the militants. The Islamist terror group has withdrawn from its sites in anticipation of the retaliation, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently said. Streets have been empty, markets less crowded.

No civilian casualties have been reported, the activist group said, and the civilian population does not seem particularly worried.

The activists said there have been ISIS casualties but could not say how many.

An ISIS media wing has said there were no casualties Sunday.”

In light of Frances impotent ‘attack’ on ISIS, we are left to wonder, “WTF?!”

I mean, c’mon!  These types of air raids are ridiculously expensive, and, according to some reports, have been guided by closely held American intelligence.  So, once again, we must ask… “WTF?!”

If you read my last post about the Russian targets strikes in Syria as reported by The Washington Post, you’ll see that Russia, too, has been avoiding (alleged) ISIS targets, focusing instead on Saudi-backed al Quaeda (al Nusra) targets, who are, in my estimation, backed by the Israelis (and, by association, the likes of the British Royal Family/Dutch Royal Family/NATO).

Yes, it is true that Russia is inserting itself in Syria to protect is “assets”. The Saudis are trying to disrupt the flow of oil/gas from Russia/Iran to line their own pockets as their natural resources slowly run dry, and the Israeli/American coalition simply want to ensure that the natural gas they stole from the Palestinians by…ahem…EXTERMINATING THEM… gets to Jordan so that they can collect their multi-billion dollar paycheck.

When, oh when, will people catch on to this modern day Game of Thrones?

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