Yet Another Ukraine 'Peace Treaty': Will it last? What's Next?

Once again, President Vladmir Putin of Russia saves the day, coordinating and successfully negotiating yet another peace treaty between the illegal junta in Kiev, Ukraine, and the eastern Ukraine separatists. This week's meetings in Minsk were notably attended and facilitated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French president Francois Hollande, a clear signal to the United States and the United Kingdom, that the EU is just about finished with their disruptive shenanigans in the Ukraine!

Under the agreement, a general ceasefire will begin Sunday, February 15, 2015.  Plus, the agreement requires major constitutional reform which would 'provide permanent privileges to the Lugansk and Donetsk Regions, currently self-declared republics, by the end of 2015."

Among other criteria, humanitarian and economic measures will be required by Kiev, including restoring "social payments, which (Kiev) cut in rebel-held areas."

Kiev, and in particular, it's oligarch leader, Petro Poroshenko, have broken the previous peace treaty negotiated in 2014, so the question remains, will the same thing happen again?  And, more important, will the United States and Great Britain send more arms in to this region to fuel the flames of war with Russia?

Of course, this treaty will be broken as soon as March 2015--most likely on the basis of more false evidence presented by the Ukrainian and U.S. governments--as has already been clearly indicated by U.S. president  Obama!

We should see major arms and tanks being moved by Kiev/U.S./NATO out of the eastern provinces, as dictated by the Misnk agreement, but instead, they will be redirected to the Crimean area beginning in March.  The intent of the U.S. will be to cut off trade between the Russian Crimea and the independent Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, and to further provoke Russia in to war.  Plus, NATO fully intends to drive Russia completely out of Crimea and take over their crucial naval bases in that region, but unfortunately, this effort will fail.

Obama & friends are in a clear state of denial, ignoring the clear hint that Germany and France have sent, and that is, Europe is planning to let the sanctions against Russia expire in June 2015 (as scheduled) and resume friendly trade relations with Russia by August, 2015.  No longer will they play a party to NATO's plans to completely wreck Ukraine, so that the area's evil oligarchs, backed by U.S. oligarchs, can gain greater control over the country's assets and wealth. (Special shout-out to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's drug addict son, Hunter Biden, who was named to the board of one of Ukraine's biggest oil companies.)

To make matters worse for the failing, fake U.S. economy, Europe will never sign the TTIP, the toxic, and legally lopsided trade agreement that the U.S. is attempting to shove down Europe's throats. Europeans should be thrilled that the door will be firmly slammed in the faces of the big, American corporations that crafted this evil piece of legislation that allows big corporations to steamroll the democratic rights of any citizen in its way, and the environment, too.

As I had predicted, Europe is now clearly on Russia's side, and this will open the door for Russia to move troops in to eastern Ukraine to secure the borders with Crimea and the new, constitutionally-recognized, independent Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk.  Expect to see firm movements on the part of Russian troops into Ukraine's southeast and southern Crimean regions  (FINALLY!) by Fall of 2015.  For the first time since all this aggression by the ZioNazi countries against the Russians started,  the little boys who cried "The Russians are coming!" will be right on the money. And, it will be about time!

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