Who's Really in Charge of ISIS? Iran? Yes, Iran (At Least for Now).

From the beginning of the emergence of ISIS in Iraq and now throughout the Middle East, just about every vlogger pointed the finger at the U.S. government and the CIA as being its puppet-master. True, there were some prominent individuals in ISIS that had been trained by the CIA and our partners like Jordan, but the direct connection between the U.S. and this radical organization has never emerged.

From the beginning, I called our IRAN as being the country in control of ISIS.  It just made sense. Iran's secret armies--their versions of the United States' CIA--are far more organized, sophisticated, and extremely loyal to the Iranian leadership.  And, Iran's covert activities in Iraq have been well-known.

Just today, I found this great article by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs that explains how and why Iran could come to control ISIS, completely supporting my original prediction. Check it out. And, remember, there's more to the world than meets the eye!

The remaining question is whether the United States is working secretly with Iran, as this article speculates. I'm not sure that I agree with this assertion in the purest sense. Instead, I think that it is possible that private, banking and commercial entities (such as for-hire mercenaries), from both the United States and Europe may be funding ISIS (as they fund the CIA, contrary to popular belief that this organization is funded and controlled solely by the U.S. government) for their own ends.

These finer details are much harder to decipher as there are so many entities, not yet publicly known, involved in funding private armies for their own global aims. But, suffice it to say, they are out there, and it is possible to root them out with a little time and patience.

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