Pro-Kiev, Anti-Russian Opposition Leader Murdered outside Kremlin. Who's to blame? Predictions.

Anti Russian opposition leader, Boris Nemstov, has been murdered in an obvious, coordinated 'hit' outside of the Kremlin.  Western leaders have been quick to imply that Russian President Vladmir Putin was behind the killing, and have defended the pro-Kiev Nemstov as being a 'tireless advocate for democracy.

Who really killed Nemstov?  Was the Kremlin and in particular, Putin behind the murder, or is there another agenda at play?

Sorry Russia-haters, but Nemstov was nothing but a pro-Ukrainian agitator who just happened to get in to an argument over money with members of his own inner circle.  These individuals have nothing to do with Putin, and the motive behind his killing was two-fold: (1) revenge and (2) to fuel the anti-Putin propaganda.

In other words, the Kremlin had nothing to do with the murder that was so obviously staged at the Kremlin's front door, and occurred just before an anti-Russia protest, to implicate Putin.  Putin himself would absolutely know who these individuals are as he has made great efforts to weed out these corrupt individuals from the current Russian leadership.  I wouldn't be surprised to see these individuals under arrest within the next two weeks.

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