Moral Relativity vs. Morality: The Story of Herve Falciani, HSBC Whistleblower

Just in case you forgot what it means to be a "Stand up Guy or Gal," check out this interview of HSBC's organized crime whistle-blower, Herve Falcioni, posted on February 13, 2015 by The Guardian.

Falcioni risked his life revealing the truth behind HSBC's banking activities, which included money laundering for the mafia, drug and blood diamond dealers, to tax evasion for the very wealthy---over 6,000 individuals.  To date, he remains in hiding, in a witness protection program.

Take a good, long look, because these types of individuals who will risk it all to do what is right, are certainly few and far between in American politics. We can give a special thanks to President Barack Obama and his banking friends whose track record for cracking down on whistle blowers has exceeded all other presidents combined.

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