Is McDonalds McOVER? Psychic Predictions.

In light of McDonald's ongoing problems both in the United States and especially in the Asia-Pacific region, it really doesn't take a psychic to predict that they're in danger of becoming McGONE within the next few years.

While some believe that this factory-farm-fueled, fast-food giant can turn things around, I believe the company will slowly crumble over the next couple of years.  I wouldn't be surprised if those golden arches aren't completely removed from the global landscape by 2017!

How will Americans survive? We'll survive quite nicely without the likes of these corporations that pay employees a pittance, serve GMO-laden foods, and treat their animals in a manner that surely makes Mother Nature weep!

In particular, look for the re-emergence of diner and cafeteria-style enterprises that serve good, old-fashioned American style food. "Retro" is the word when it comes to running a successful restaurant over the next few years. And, it wouldn't hurt to serve up non-GMO and non-factory-farmed foods, either!

Pictured: McDonalds, South Korea (from company website)

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