Poroshenko Still Not Gone-But Things Worsen in Ukraine, As Predicted

In an earlier post, I predicted the the (illegally elected) Petro Poroshenko, lackey for the EU and the U.S. would be ousted from his post by the end of 2014, and replaced with a far more radical (if that's at all possible) contingent. Well, Poroshenko survived my prediction (darn it!), but has completely ignored the cease fire, and has continued to attack the Donetsk region of the Ukraine.  Just today, Kiev bombed commuters on their way to work in Donetsk, killing 9 and injuring twenty.

Meanwhile, Poroshenko has continued with the propoganda that "Russia is behind all of this," in a transparent attempt to provoke the cool-headed Russians in to War.

As I had predicted, Russia is not responding, much to the dismay of Russian citizens, who, like Americans, would be outraged to see their friends and family murdered and terrorized as they have been by U.S.-backed neo Nazi terrorists in the Ukraine.  But, this Russian restraint won't last much longer. Just wait until Poroshenko & Friends pull out all the stops, ramping up the attacks on not only Donestsk and Lugansk, but also on Crimea, which is now a Russian territory, fair and square!  I expect to see these attacks amplified in the east as soon as February, culminating in a straight on attack of Crimea as soon as March, 2015.

It will take a few months longer still, but Russia will eventually move in to protect Crimea, and by association, Donetsk, by early 2016.  These moves will be a proportionate response to both Kiev and NATO provocations and military, and will be a comprehensive one, with Russia troops reinforcing their borders from Crimea, and much further north around Poland.  

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