2015 Psychic Predictions - U.S. Stock Market, Gold Prices, Gas Prices, Economy

The year 2015 will be one of the last 'good' years in the United States for some time, so take advantage if you're a small business owner like me. And, like me, you may want to plan for the worst in 2016 as the stock market tanks, and the fascist U.S. government kicks in to high gear, fining and imprisoning individuals for not paying for expensive Obamacare, restricting freedom of speech on the Internet and other media outlets (media 'black-out' is the term you'll be hearing), and confiscating guns, among other martial law atrocities.

However, in 2015, the U.S. stock market, while highly volatile, will chug along, and could even set some more record highs. Of course, as you may understand by now, this is no reflection of the true state of affairs of the U.S. 'real economy,' which I'll give a C+ in terms of growth overall in 2015.

I'm still not in love with gold or silver in 2015, and as you may have read in one of my earlier posts, I encourage people to get out of Bitcoin too, and stay out for the time being.  Gold should see a surge beginning in early 2016 when the U.S. stock market crashes. But, don't worry if you can't accumulate as the biggest years for gold will be in 2017 and forward.

The U.S. has been enjoying low gas prices thanks to the global depression which has left a glut of oil/gas in the market.  However, we'll start to see prices edge up to 2014 highs once again, no later than June 2015, with lots of ups and downs in the prices thanks to government manipulation, in an effort to stave off a complete collapse in the real economy--which, by the way, is the only thing propping up the Federal Government and our monumental debt, which we can barely afford payments on at this time.

Obamacare really brings nothing to the table in terms of true economic growth, and as a matter of fact, is a real economy job killer, despite the fact that it has created many short-term, valueless jobs, which the government has used to boost employment figures.  These Obamacare-related jobs will swell to an amazing peak in early 2016, then stop dead in their tracks as the U.S. economy collapses, bringing the dollar along with it.  This will prove those who have warned against the dangers of Obamacare to our economy to be absolutely right!

What happens when the economy and dollar collapse in 2016? Well, as I predicted years ago in the print magazine I distributed in the Northeast called "The Star Prophet", there will be "Change for the Dollar" in the coming years, which will give the European-controlled IMF complete control over the United States.  Watch for my upcoming book "Surviving 2018" for more details, or subscribe to The Star Prophet magazine for even more global predictions today.

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