2018 Non-Nuclear Nuclear Destruction in America - Psychic Predictions

It is clear to just about every expert you hear in alternative media, that the United States of America is headed towards nuclear war, if it continues to prod Russia, China and just about every other country, in that direction. I have stated this before and will say it again, "America will be hit by a massive nuclear attack on its east coast by 2018, leaving a giant 'dead zone' that will extend as far north as New Hampshire, down to North Carolina, and as far west as Michigan."

Now, what is interesting about this attack, is that even though there is massive destruction, I do not get the impression that it will be thermonuclear, as many fear. But, what kind of weapon could this be?

Recently, I stumbled across this 2008 report by Russia Today outlining Russia's non-nuclear, yet far more powerful and easily transported "Father of all Bombs." This 'thermobaric' weapon, according to the report, mixes a highly combustable fuel with the surrounding air, vaporizing everything--all forms of life-- in its wake. It leaves behind what is described as a 'moonscape.' However, the FOAB does not leave a nuclear fallout behind to pollute and destroy areas that are not targeted.

Years ago, I had predicted that the United States had its own weapon, that rivaled the destruction of nuclear bombs, yet imploded INWARDS, also reducing the amount of nuclear fallout. This weapon, I learned months later, was what has been called the "Mother of all Bombs" or MOAB.

Russia's technical superiority to America's should come as no surprise. Many believe that Ronald Reagan's big push to build a "Star Wars" defensive shield was in response to intelligence gathered concerning Russia's advancements with their nuclear program. In my estimation, Russia has had non-nuclear weapons technology since 1978--so superior to the United States' that it would send any sitting president in to a panic.

What's next? With all this in mind, it is important to remember that no one--other than NATO-aligned countries and Israel--have any intention to attack another country on such a grand scale. And, the United States would most certainly hesitate to take such actions against any country. This hesitation will frustrate the Israelis who clearly have grand plans to expand their territories in to the Middle East, back in to Russia, and even China.

It will be the Israelis who launch the first TWO nuclear missiles at Iran/Russia/China, with the intention of provoking an attack against the United States! And, they will get their wish when the Russians launch the FOAB at the U.S. east coast in 2018 (if not sooner).

So, beware of being brainwashed through Jewish-run media to blame the Russians for all of the problems that have fallen on the United States. Our problems are self-imposed, and imposed upon us by foreign banks and nations like Israel who run our foreign policy. If we continue to bully nations like Russia, we will most certainly 'reap what we sew.'

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