War & Destruction: Who's Using the Most Energy in the U.S.?

Did you know that despite environmental concerns over excessive energy consumption, the U.S. Military consumes between 400,000 to 800,000 barrels of oil PER DAY in "peacetime"?

"According to the Pentagon’s Defense Energy Support Center, the military spent $3.8 billion in 2009 for 31.3 million barrels, or about 1.3 billion gallons, of oil that was consumed at posts, camps, and overseas bases, TomDispatch’s Nick Turse reported in 2010."

"Estimates as to how much oil the US military uses per day varies between about 400,000 barrels per day in "peacetime" to around 800,000 barrels each day during the height of the Iraq war,' reports Russia Today.

So, despite American's efforts to curtail energy consumption, the War Machine will keep on squandering resources, and destroying the environment.

It's called "hypocrisy."

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