Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Update: One Down (As Predicted), Dozens More to Go!

As I had predicted, the notorious Ukrainian right-wing militant leader Aleksandr Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, has been shot in the head, and now there appears to be discord among those competing for power in Kiev, according to this latest report by Russia Today.

In my earlier report, I pointed out that the Russians would have a hand in what will soon be a string of up to 40, very quiet deaths of the U.S. backed terrorists who are illegally occupying Western Ukraine. These same individuals have openly threatened to scorch every ounce of Russian soil with nukes.

It will be "Mop Up May" in Kiev, with the remaining Nazi thugs being mysteriously disappeared, shot, or expelled from the country (back to Germany where they belong?). And, rather than a Russian-backed regime taking their place, it is likely that those who previously held political posts will quietly resume their positions in that country.

As I've noted before, Putin has no plans to integrate the Western Ukraine back in to Russia at this point. He will literally turn his back on them despite pleas from the Ukrainians to join the Russian Federation.

Also as I have predicted, violence should settle down by June 2014 in that country, thanks to the weeding out of these violent, U.S.-backed Nazis.

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