Saudi Arabia's Hidden Agenda: ALL THE GOLD IN INDIA!

There are rumors that Saudi Arabia is running out of oil/gas much faster than many people are led to believe. And, in reality, I would suspect this is true, with the Saudi's only left with 9% of the total available gas/oil that they've led the world to believe they're still sitting on.

Once the oil and gas are depleted (I'd predict that will be in about 14 years or less), the entitled royal families will be aiming at pilfering (stealing) resources from their neighbors--a feat that is entirely possible thanks to Obama and Friends (and Obama's predecessors) arming the Saudis to the hilt with all kinds of heavy weaponry!

What's more, the radical Saudi Prince Bandar is accustomed to training and using terrorists to achieve his objectives around the world--from New York City (World Trade Center Bombers) to Russia and elsewhere. (Terrorism is a tool he proactively uses to destabilize areas so that U.S. troops can be called to the rescue.)

The good news is that the Saudis are not likely to succeed in their initiative to take over India, nor in their initiative to set up at least three strategic zones around Syria in an attempt to stop the flow of oil/natural gas from Iran/Russian sources. These events should begin to unfold around October of 2014 (if not sooner). The Russians will be successful in securing their interests there.

In the meantime, I do give the Obama administration credit for distancing itself from the Saudis and even Israel who is in cahoots with the Saudis to go after Iran (which means big money for both of these entities if they can block Iran/Russia from trading its wares with Europe).

There is a tacit understanding between Bandar and Netanyahu [Saudi Arabia/Isreal] that they should join forces and push the United States to a confrontation and perhaps even a military confrontation with Iran." (James Petras, Middle East Expert)

Unfortunately, in 2016, Americans will elect a president who will most certainly support the Israeli/Saudi evil agenda, and will increase aggression against Russia who is clearly setting themselves up to be somewhat of a "savior" of much of Asia. And this is what will lead to nuclear war in 2018.

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