Gun Confiscation & FEMA Prisons: They're Coming in 2016 (Psychic Predictions)

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School 'shooting' (and, I use this word loosely as there's much controversial video evidence to suggest that this event was a hoax), President Obama and Friends attempted to push forward legislation tightening the regulation of gun ownership in the United States.

Many complained that it was the beginning of a Federal 'gun grab,' and that the ultimate goal of the U.S. government was to completely restrict (that is, make illegal) private ownership of guns of any kind (not just so-called 'assault weapons').

Since then, things have cooled a bit, and we haven't heard much from the likes of IMF/APAC shill, Diane Feinstein (a.k.a. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, Democrat, California), who's been leading the charge to ban assault weapons (and, mark my words, would certainly push for 'softer' penalties on handgun and shotgun ownership, like short-term jail time, fines and/or tax levies).

Get ready, folks, things are about to change with the entrance of a brand new U.S. president in 2016! If you're a pro-Constitutional Rights American, you're in for a rude awakening when gun ownership is seriously curtailed (and, made illegal in most parts of the United States). Interestingly, it won't be Feinstein who leads the charge, but rather, it will be yet another shill from a European-controlled enterprise, like the IMF. This person is likely to be a tall, leaner male politician from the Midwest (Chicago?).

Along with such serious measures to restrict Second Amendment rights, will come jail time (in many cases, without due process) for anyone who dares question this new reign of political and police terror about to overtake AmeriKa. And, this means all those (alleged) FEMA prison camps will see their first tenants. This trend should last about 2 years before the United States, as it currently stands, meets its painful end in 2018.

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