Back to the Dark Ages for Ukraine: Unpaid Gas Bills, Cuts in Pensions & Water-Polluting Fracking ala Chevron!

The Ukraine is apparently in arrears to Russia's Gazprom for almost $2 BILLION, and the Russians are threatening to shut off the service (as so they should). However, I expect that pro-Russian, eastern Ukraine, will continue to receive gas for some time as a 'free' courtesy on behalf of Putin & friends.

The eastern portion of Ukraine is really sitting pretty with the solid, pro-Russian relations firmly in place. Russia has a morale stronghold on that part of the country, thanks to their 200-year history there. And, if you've listened to firsthand accounts of these people who've witnessed the atrocities of U.S.-backed snipers and the neo-Nazi thugs firsthand (murders, beatings, burnings, looting, etc.), you'll know that they are proud of how they have peacefully (relatively speaking) handled the illegal takeover of their country.

Good for them, especially considering that the U.S./EU contingent has already swept into the country and cut pensions of the poor and elderly a whopping 50%. This will most certainly prove my prediction that the western portion of the Ukraine, currently controlled by neo-Nazi's and friends (U.S.), will have a big change of heart, and will return to Russia, begging for support. But, it will be too late for these people who will not receive one ounce of charity from their former Russian benefactors!

Unfortunately, the western Ukraine is a 'dead zone' for its pro-EU people. Companies like Chevron will swoop in and pollute the water supply as they did in South America, creating a few jobs while they're at it, and leaving much destruction behind when they're finally forced out in 2017. Monsanto will attempt to take over farm lands and food supply, but will also be locked out in due time.

Meanwhile, I've got to give two big 'thumbs up' to Putin who's handled the situation with great restraint. You might argue that he sent troops in to the country to 'invade,' but that's a downright lie. And, it's been proven that the snipers in Kiev were paid U.S. mercenaries who fired on unarmed police and innocent Ukrainian citizens alike (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS CLASSIC CIA TACTIC AS IT IS LIKELY TO BE USED IN THE U.S. AT SOME POINT), opening the doors wide to the neo-Nazis who've now swarmed the country.

Putin has really made Obama and Kerry appear as if they're competing in a foreign relations amateur hour (as the Youtube pundit, Greg Hunter so nicely put it), leaving the U.S. state run media to roll-out lie after lie in an obvious attempt to prime AmeriKans for war, against a country (Russia) who is continually forced to create opportunities to allow these AmeriKan idiots to save face. So far, Obama & Friends just keep digging our country in deeper and deeper.

As I've said before (and I'll say again), this ridiculous foreign policy of Obama & Friends is leading us right to nuclear war. And, that is a war the U.S. will NOT win.

It's called 'karma,' baby!

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