Attempted Assassination of Vladmir Putin: Double Agent Insider(s)?

It seems as if the Illuminati (IMF & Friends which includes the Neoconservatives and fascist corporate cronies of Washington D.C.) will stop at nothing to bulldoze the BRICS nations led by none other than Russia's President, Vladmir Putin, in their pursuit of world domination (One World Order).

And now, there's an inside plot to assassinate Putin, hatched by AmeriKan/German 'intelligence' and carried out by double-agents right inside Putin's own cabinet--individuals who have their own delusions of grandeur, fueled by false promises from the West.

What's the timing for all of this? For now, Putin can rely on protection from his team, but during the third quarter of 2014, we will see the emergence of these Nazi-types that have taken over Kiev (the same individuals backed by U.S. Neocons), right in the heart of Russia. They will threaten high officials, and will create chaos that will in turn create internal strife in Russia's parliament.

So, if you're (foolishly) cheering AmeriKa and Friends on in their efforts to take over Russia, you'll applaud these illegal (war) tactics. If you know where this is all leading (nuclear war that will not end well for AmeriKa), then these events should make you weep.

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