The Ukraine Revolution: War-Mongering AmeriKan Media Priming U.S. Citizens for WW3. Psychic Predictions

Up until recently, I had a hard time distinguishing between the U.S./EU-backed Ukraine government opposition and actual Ukrainians. But, within the last week or so, it has become clear that the U.S. has sent in its own undercover operatives to escalate the violence, in a covert ploy to destabilize the country, replace the governing regime with their own. All this so that the U.S. and EU-backed IMF can swoop in and offer an 'aid package' designed to takeover the country's assets and impose austerity measures on the population. All the while, the 1% get richer and the rest of us...well, you know the story by now.

Some say that the reason the Ukraine backed out of the European Union deal was because of Russia's influence over the country, and I would say that would be correct to some degree, but I do not believe that the Russians strong-armed the man in any way to back away from the deal. The EU deal simply would have forced Yanukovich to surrender decision-making to an EU body, and he appears to be quite loyal to the Russians.

(Note: I've said this before and I'll say this again that the EU deal would have been a good move for the Ukrainian people in the short-term, but the EU's insistence that the Ukraine severe all ties with Russia would have led to just about the same outcome that we will see anyway.)

The Ukraine is seriously divided almost right down its middle between pro-Europeans who see Russia as a disaster, and those who are still pro-Russia (and, quite literally, of Russian descent.)

This division, and the Russian's strong stance against the West and the EU, will allow Russia to fortify Ukraine's eastern portion by the June time frame. What will be left is the western, pro-EU portion of the country which will quietly be secured over the next 2-3 months thereafter by the Russians.

And honestly, the Russians don't really need to work hard at this, and I would doubt that there would be any 'hot war' over the territory. The Russians know how not to over-exert themselves in war, and how to use patience and a strong stance to make their point. The U.S./EU will simply put its tail between its legs and run away.

What I really would like people to be aware of here is the IMF's global aspirations to control every country on the planet, no matter what the price, placing its own puppet regimes in control. They are utilizing our military to do this, and it is, quite simply, immoral...and EVIL. Russia is really AmeriKa's only obstacle here, and therefore, our puppet media will do their best to vilify them to convince the average AmeriKan war-monger to support a major attack on them.

NOT GOOD, because there is one true thing when it comes to war: DON'T F- WITH THE RUSSIANS! We are destined to pay dearly for this in 2018. It's called KARMA.

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