China's Pollution Gets WORSE (If You Can Believe It!) Psychic Predictions

Several years ago, when I was in my late 20's (I'm hitting 50 years old this year to give you an idea as to how long ago this was), twi of the first overseas countries I traveled to were China and Hong Kong (and Thailand thrown in for good measure). At that time, Hong Kong was still its own territory, but about to be merged with China as the U.K. abandoned its imperialistic control over the area. Even then, the pollution was staggering! The air truly smelled like the exhaust pipe of a car, and it was not uncommon to see two men on a bicycle riding with open vats of green, bubbly toxic waste, hauling it to 'God Knows Where!'

Now, China's pollution levels have reached epic proportions that scientists are comparing to a "nuclear winter." It's hard to imagine that things could get any worse, but it WILL!

"I compare big industry and the Chinese government's pollution of its situations to being 'shat on' in big bursts," says Kim Stempien(M.W.), our psychic. "There is simply no regard for the welfare of the Chinese people, and Americans certainly aren't helping matters, having been distracted by all this 'global warming'...or, should I say 'global CHANGE' bullshit. Americans have continued to buy Chinese crap at over-inflated prices, and are at the very heart of this problem."

"If you think this is bad, just wait until 2016 when the Chinese experience a TIDAL WAVE OF POLLUTION that could kill a sizable chunk of their population! It will be the straw breaks the government's...and Chinese/U.S. big businesses' backs!"'

"Until then, Americans need to wake the F@cK up, and start demanding change from U.S. big business like APPLE, Microsoft, Banana Republic, JC Penney, CATO, Aeropostale, Target, Walmart, paint manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers, etc. (the list goes on and on!) who are causing this epic catastrophe!"

"Simply put: WE ARE ALL TO BLAME!"

"On the brighter side (and yes, I know this isn't really a 'bright side') the world will learn what it is like to live in a nuclear-winter-like environment. Why is this important? Just wait until 2018..."

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