Thursday, July 31, 2014

2018 Non-Nuclear Nuclear Destruction in America - Psychic Predictions

It is clear to just about every expert you hear in alternative media, that the United States of America is headed towards nuclear war, if it continues to prod Russia, China and just about every other country, in that direction. I have stated this before and will say it again, "America will be hit by a massive nuclear attack on its east coast by 2018, leaving a giant 'dead zone' that will extend as far north as New Hampshire, down to North Carolina, and as far west as Michigan."

Now, what is interesting about this attack, is that even though there is massive destruction, I do not get the impression that it will be thermonuclear, as many fear. But, what kind of weapon could this be?

Recently, I stumbled across this 2008 report by Russia Today outlining Russia's non-nuclear, yet far more powerful and easily transported "Father of all Bombs." This 'thermobaric' weapon, according to the report, mixes a highly combustable fuel with the surrounding air, vaporizing everything--all forms of life-- in its wake. It leaves behind what is described as a 'moonscape.' However, the FOAB does not leave a nuclear fallout behind to pollute and destroy areas that are not targeted.

Years ago, I had predicted that the United States had its own weapon, that rivaled the destruction of nuclear bombs, yet imploded INWARDS, also reducing the amount of nuclear fallout. This weapon, I learned months later, was what has been called the "Mother of all Bombs" or MOAB.

Russia's technical superiority to America's should come as no surprise. Many believe that Ronald Reagan's big push to build a "Star Wars" defensive shield was in response to intelligence gathered concerning Russia's advancements with their nuclear program. In my estimation, Russia has had non-nuclear weapons technology since 1978--so superior to the United States' that it would send any sitting president in to a panic.

What's next? With all this in mind, it is important to remember that no one--other than NATO-aligned countries and Israel--have any intention to attack another country on such a grand scale. And, the United States would most certainly hesitate to take such actions against any country. This hesitation will frustrate the Israelis who clearly have grand plans to expand their territories in to the Middle East, back in to Russia, and even China.

It will be the Israelis who launch the first TWO nuclear missiles at Iran/Russia/China, with the intention of provoking an attack against the United States! And, they will get their wish when the Russians launch the FOAB at the U.S. east coast in 2018 (if not sooner).

So, beware of being brainwashed through Jewish-run media to blame the Russians for all of the problems that have fallen on the United States. Our problems are self-imposed, and imposed upon us by foreign banks and nations like Israel who run our foreign policy. If we continue to bully nations like Russia, we will most certainly 'reap what we sew.'

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nuclear War-The Wheels Are In Motion

In a recent press conference in the Netherlands, U.S. President Barack Obama state that his top fear is that Manhattan will be nuked, not by the Russians, but by "terrorists."

“Russia’s actions are a problem. They don’t pose the No. 1 national security threat to the United States," said Obama. "I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan."

These are interesting comments in light of the fact that the U.S. is intent on distracting Russia in the Ukraine, thereby diluting (in theory) their military power in other regions of the Syria.

As I've predicted in previous post(s), the Russians WILL move their military in to the Syrian (Saudi) region for a full-scale defense of their allies (Syria, Iran) by October of 2015. And, this in turn will be the signal that we are headed straight towards nuclear war, no later than 2018.

And yes, I believe that the east coast, and especially NYC's Manhattan financial district, with be at the heart of such an attack. The culprits will likely to be the Russians (not 'terrorists') who will be provoked by U.S.-backed Israelis. In particular, look for extreme tensions in 2017, between the Russians and Israeli/U.S./Saudi alliance. It will be the Israelis who will strike first, firing off the first two nukes at Russia.

Russia will be backed in to a corner, and will have no other choice but to take bold and decisive measures to protect their country. They will retaliate by firing off at least one nuclear warhead at the United State's eastern shores. I estimate this to take place no later than 2018.

This would devastate most of the U.S. east coast and parts of the Midwest (America's 'bread basket'), and force the Chinese to send troops in to the United States to block a massive exodus of radiated, and seriously ill/injured Americans from spreading West, bringing chaos and disease with them. If such events occur, there will be no U.S. government to 'save us.'

The fact that Obama would even be talking about nukes means that the government is contemplating using them at some point to shut down Russia/China. And, this will be the deadliest mistake any one, or any country, has ever made in human history.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Update: One Down (As Predicted), Dozens More to Go!

As I had predicted, the notorious Ukrainian right-wing militant leader Aleksandr Muzychko, also known as Sashko Bilyi, has been shot in the head, and now there appears to be discord among those competing for power in Kiev, according to this latest report by Russia Today.

In my earlier report, I pointed out that the Russians would have a hand in what will soon be a string of up to 40, very quiet deaths of the U.S. backed terrorists who are illegally occupying Western Ukraine. These same individuals have openly threatened to scorch every ounce of Russian soil with nukes.

It will be "Mop Up May" in Kiev, with the remaining Nazi thugs being mysteriously disappeared, shot, or expelled from the country (back to Germany where they belong?). And, rather than a Russian-backed regime taking their place, it is likely that those who previously held political posts will quietly resume their positions in that country.

As I've noted before, Putin has no plans to integrate the Western Ukraine back in to Russia at this point. He will literally turn his back on them despite pleas from the Ukrainians to join the Russian Federation.

Also as I have predicted, violence should settle down by June 2014 in that country, thanks to the weeding out of these violent, U.S.-backed Nazis.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 2014 Stock Market Crash-Predictions from 2013 Revisited

Tomorrow (Sunday, March 16, 2014, the pro-Russian, eastern region of the Ukraine, Crimea, is expected to cast a popular vote in favor of it breaking away from the Ukraine. Some experts say as much as 90% of the population will vote in favor of the measure.

More important, financial experts are predicting that the outcome of this election could crash the U.S. stock market. Among these individuals is Gregory Mannarino, who says that 'deeper losses are coming.'

Last year, I had posted my predictions (you should be able to see them via Google+) that such a major stock market correction was coming in March of 2014, and NOT in October of 2013 as Mannarino had originally predicted. My contrary predictions, along with harsh criticism of Mannarino's, naive, pro-Syrian war sentiments actually got me banned from commenting on his videos (what a baby!)

That aside, let's see how things shake out next week. If you haven't already done so, please consider moving some money in to Bitcoin to take advantage of upcoming stock market problems. However, if you're an investor in crypto-currencies, make sure that you're completely out of these investments by 2nd quarter of 2015. In the meantime, this year should be a very good one, especially July through the end of the year and in to January 2015.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Attempted Assassination of Vladmir Putin: Double Agent Insider(s)?

It seems as if the Illuminati (IMF & Friends which includes the Neoconservatives and fascist corporate cronies of Washington D.C.) will stop at nothing to bulldoze the BRICS nations led by none other than Russia's President, Vladmir Putin, in their pursuit of world domination (One World Order).

And now, there's an inside plot to assassinate Putin, hatched by AmeriKan/German 'intelligence' and carried out by double-agents right inside Putin's own cabinet--individuals who have their own delusions of grandeur, fueled by false promises from the West.

What's the timing for all of this? For now, Putin can rely on protection from his team, but during the third quarter of 2014, we will see the emergence of these Nazi-types that have taken over Kiev (the same individuals backed by U.S. Neocons), right in the heart of Russia. They will threaten high officials, and will create chaos that will in turn create internal strife in Russia's parliament.

So, if you're (foolishly) cheering AmeriKa and Friends on in their efforts to take over Russia, you'll applaud these illegal (war) tactics. If you know where this is all leading (nuclear war that will not end well for AmeriKa), then these events should make you weep.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saudi Arabia's Hidden Agenda: ALL THE GOLD IN INDIA!

There are rumors that Saudi Arabia is running out of oil/gas much faster than many people are led to believe. And, in reality, I would suspect this is true, with the Saudi's only left with 9% of the total available gas/oil that they've led the world to believe they're still sitting on.

Once the oil and gas are depleted (I'd predict that will be in about 14 years or less), the entitled royal families will be aiming at pilfering (stealing) resources from their neighbors--a feat that is entirely possible thanks to Obama and Friends (and Obama's predecessors) arming the Saudis to the hilt with all kinds of heavy weaponry!

What's more, the radical Saudi Prince Bandar is accustomed to training and using terrorists to achieve his objectives around the world--from New York City (World Trade Center Bombers) to Russia and elsewhere. (Terrorism is a tool he proactively uses to destabilize areas so that U.S. troops can be called to the rescue.)

The good news is that the Saudis are not likely to succeed in their initiative to take over India, nor in their initiative to set up at least three strategic zones around Syria in an attempt to stop the flow of oil/natural gas from Iran/Russian sources. These events should begin to unfold around October of 2014 (if not sooner). The Russians will be successful in securing their interests there.

In the meantime, I do give the Obama administration credit for distancing itself from the Saudis and even Israel who is in cahoots with the Saudis to go after Iran (which means big money for both of these entities if they can block Iran/Russia from trading its wares with Europe).

There is a tacit understanding between Bandar and Netanyahu [Saudi Arabia/Isreal] that they should join forces and push the United States to a confrontation and perhaps even a military confrontation with Iran." (James Petras, Middle East Expert)

Unfortunately, in 2016, Americans will elect a president who will most certainly support the Israeli/Saudi evil agenda, and will increase aggression against Russia who is clearly setting themselves up to be somewhat of a "savior" of much of Asia. And this is what will lead to nuclear war in 2018.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back to the Dark Ages for Ukraine: Unpaid Gas Bills, Cuts in Pensions & Water-Polluting Fracking ala Chevron!

The Ukraine is apparently in arrears to Russia's Gazprom for almost $2 BILLION, and the Russians are threatening to shut off the service (as so they should). However, I expect that pro-Russian, eastern Ukraine, will continue to receive gas for some time as a 'free' courtesy on behalf of Putin & friends.

The eastern portion of Ukraine is really sitting pretty with the solid, pro-Russian relations firmly in place. Russia has a morale stronghold on that part of the country, thanks to their 200-year history there. And, if you've listened to firsthand accounts of these people who've witnessed the atrocities of U.S.-backed snipers and the neo-Nazi thugs firsthand (murders, beatings, burnings, looting, etc.), you'll know that they are proud of how they have peacefully (relatively speaking) handled the illegal takeover of their country.

Good for them, especially considering that the U.S./EU contingent has already swept into the country and cut pensions of the poor and elderly a whopping 50%. This will most certainly prove my prediction that the western portion of the Ukraine, currently controlled by neo-Nazi's and friends (U.S.), will have a big change of heart, and will return to Russia, begging for support. But, it will be too late for these people who will not receive one ounce of charity from their former Russian benefactors!

Unfortunately, the western Ukraine is a 'dead zone' for its pro-EU people. Companies like Chevron will swoop in and pollute the water supply as they did in South America, creating a few jobs while they're at it, and leaving much destruction behind when they're finally forced out in 2017. Monsanto will attempt to take over farm lands and food supply, but will also be locked out in due time.

Meanwhile, I've got to give two big 'thumbs up' to Putin who's handled the situation with great restraint. You might argue that he sent troops in to the country to 'invade,' but that's a downright lie. And, it's been proven that the snipers in Kiev were paid U.S. mercenaries who fired on unarmed police and innocent Ukrainian citizens alike (PAY ATTENTION TO THIS CLASSIC CIA TACTIC AS IT IS LIKELY TO BE USED IN THE U.S. AT SOME POINT), opening the doors wide to the neo-Nazis who've now swarmed the country.

Putin has really made Obama and Kerry appear as if they're competing in a foreign relations amateur hour (as the Youtube pundit, Greg Hunter so nicely put it), leaving the U.S. state run media to roll-out lie after lie in an obvious attempt to prime AmeriKans for war, against a country (Russia) who is continually forced to create opportunities to allow these AmeriKan idiots to save face. So far, Obama & Friends just keep digging our country in deeper and deeper.

As I've said before (and I'll say again), this ridiculous foreign policy of Obama & Friends is leading us right to nuclear war. And, that is a war the U.S. will NOT win.

It's called 'karma,' baby!

Friday, March 7, 2014

War & Destruction: Who's Using the Most Energy in the U.S.?

Did you know that despite environmental concerns over excessive energy consumption, the U.S. Military consumes between 400,000 to 800,000 barrels of oil PER DAY in "peacetime"?

"According to the Pentagon’s Defense Energy Support Center, the military spent $3.8 billion in 2009 for 31.3 million barrels, or about 1.3 billion gallons, of oil that was consumed at posts, camps, and overseas bases, TomDispatch’s Nick Turse reported in 2010."

"Estimates as to how much oil the US military uses per day varies between about 400,000 barrels per day in "peacetime" to around 800,000 barrels each day during the height of the Iraq war,' reports Russia Today.

So, despite American's efforts to curtail energy consumption, the War Machine will keep on squandering resources, and destroying the environment.

It's called "hypocrisy."

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gun Confiscation & FEMA Prisons: They're Coming in 2016 (Psychic Predictions)

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School 'shooting' (and, I use this word loosely as there's much controversial video evidence to suggest that this event was a hoax), President Obama and Friends attempted to push forward legislation tightening the regulation of gun ownership in the United States.

Many complained that it was the beginning of a Federal 'gun grab,' and that the ultimate goal of the U.S. government was to completely restrict (that is, make illegal) private ownership of guns of any kind (not just so-called 'assault weapons').

Since then, things have cooled a bit, and we haven't heard much from the likes of IMF/APAC shill, Diane Feinstein (a.k.a. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, Democrat, California), who's been leading the charge to ban assault weapons (and, mark my words, would certainly push for 'softer' penalties on handgun and shotgun ownership, like short-term jail time, fines and/or tax levies).

Get ready, folks, things are about to change with the entrance of a brand new U.S. president in 2016! If you're a pro-Constitutional Rights American, you're in for a rude awakening when gun ownership is seriously curtailed (and, made illegal in most parts of the United States). Interestingly, it won't be Feinstein who leads the charge, but rather, it will be yet another shill from a European-controlled enterprise, like the IMF. This person is likely to be a tall, leaner male politician from the Midwest (Chicago?).

Along with such serious measures to restrict Second Amendment rights, will come jail time (in many cases, without due process) for anyone who dares question this new reign of political and police terror about to overtake AmeriKa. And, this means all those (alleged) FEMA prison camps will see their first tenants. This trend should last about 2 years before the United States, as it currently stands, meets its painful end in 2018.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ukrainian Nationalist Activist: This is What Comes Out of the Woodwork During Revolutions

Check it out...

The good news is that this thug will most likely be executed (shot in the head) by Russian forces. (I give the dumb@ss until July 2014).

And, you thought the Russians are all bad!

The Ukraine Revolution: War-Mongering AmeriKan Media Priming U.S. Citizens for WW3. Psychic Predictions

Up until recently, I had a hard time distinguishing between the U.S./EU-backed Ukraine government opposition and actual Ukrainians. But, within the last week or so, it has become clear that the U.S. has sent in its own undercover operatives to escalate the violence, in a covert ploy to destabilize the country, replace the governing regime with their own. All this so that the U.S. and EU-backed IMF can swoop in and offer an 'aid package' designed to takeover the country's assets and impose austerity measures on the population. All the while, the 1% get richer and the rest of us...well, you know the story by now.

Some say that the reason the Ukraine backed out of the European Union deal was because of Russia's influence over the country, and I would say that would be correct to some degree, but I do not believe that the Russians strong-armed the man in any way to back away from the deal. The EU deal simply would have forced Yanukovich to surrender decision-making to an EU body, and he appears to be quite loyal to the Russians.

(Note: I've said this before and I'll say this again that the EU deal would have been a good move for the Ukrainian people in the short-term, but the EU's insistence that the Ukraine severe all ties with Russia would have led to just about the same outcome that we will see anyway.)

The Ukraine is seriously divided almost right down its middle between pro-Europeans who see Russia as a disaster, and those who are still pro-Russia (and, quite literally, of Russian descent.)

This division, and the Russian's strong stance against the West and the EU, will allow Russia to fortify Ukraine's eastern portion by the June time frame. What will be left is the western, pro-EU portion of the country which will quietly be secured over the next 2-3 months thereafter by the Russians.

And honestly, the Russians don't really need to work hard at this, and I would doubt that there would be any 'hot war' over the territory. The Russians know how not to over-exert themselves in war, and how to use patience and a strong stance to make their point. The U.S./EU will simply put its tail between its legs and run away.

What I really would like people to be aware of here is the IMF's global aspirations to control every country on the planet, no matter what the price, placing its own puppet regimes in control. They are utilizing our military to do this, and it is, quite simply, immoral...and EVIL. Russia is really AmeriKa's only obstacle here, and therefore, our puppet media will do their best to vilify them to convince the average AmeriKan war-monger to support a major attack on them.

NOT GOOD, because there is one true thing when it comes to war: DON'T F- WITH THE RUSSIANS! We are destined to pay dearly for this in 2018. It's called KARMA.

China's Pollution Gets WORSE (If You Can Believe It!) Psychic Predictions

Several years ago, when I was in my late 20's (I'm hitting 50 years old this year to give you an idea as to how long ago this was), twi of the first overseas countries I traveled to were China and Hong Kong (and Thailand thrown in for good measure). At that time, Hong Kong was still its own territory, but about to be merged with China as the U.K. abandoned its imperialistic control over the area. Even then, the pollution was staggering! The air truly smelled like the exhaust pipe of a car, and it was not uncommon to see two men on a bicycle riding with open vats of green, bubbly toxic waste, hauling it to 'God Knows Where!'

Now, China's pollution levels have reached epic proportions that scientists are comparing to a "nuclear winter." It's hard to imagine that things could get any worse, but it WILL!

"I compare big industry and the Chinese government's pollution of its situations to being 'shat on' in big bursts," says Kim Stempien(M.W.), our psychic. "There is simply no regard for the welfare of the Chinese people, and Americans certainly aren't helping matters, having been distracted by all this 'global warming'...or, should I say 'global CHANGE' bullshit. Americans have continued to buy Chinese crap at over-inflated prices, and are at the very heart of this problem."

"If you think this is bad, just wait until 2016 when the Chinese experience a TIDAL WAVE OF POLLUTION that could kill a sizable chunk of their population! It will be the straw breaks the government's...and Chinese/U.S. big businesses' backs!"'

"Until then, Americans need to wake the F@cK up, and start demanding change from U.S. big business like APPLE, Microsoft, Banana Republic, JC Penney, CATO, Aeropostale, Target, Walmart, paint manufacturers, cosmetic manufacturers, etc. (the list goes on and on!) who are causing this epic catastrophe!"

"Simply put: WE ARE ALL TO BLAME!"

"On the brighter side (and yes, I know this isn't really a 'bright side') the world will learn what it is like to live in a nuclear-winter-like environment. Why is this important? Just wait until 2018..."