Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Q Anon Confirms Prediction that Epic False Flag was Planned by Deep State

During the 2016 election cycle, it seemed as if Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton had the presidency “in the bag”.  Every major poll predicted that she would win by an landslide, but at the very last minute, former FBI Director James Comey held a press conference to announce that he was re-opening the investigation into her use of her private server.  As a result, Donald J. Trump, surprised everyone and won the electoral vote race, and the election. He is now our president.

To this day, many wonder what in the world changed corrupt Comey’s mind.  He had already cleared Clinton…even before the investigation into her affairs began.  Was it divine intervention?

In my recent video warning that an “Epic False Flag” was in the works for May and June of this year, I had warned of a plot to trick the Russians in to attacking the United States.  As a matter of fact, I began seeing this vision prior to 2014. You can even see this prediction on this blog  in several places, beginning with the first post dated in 2014.

In particular, I saw that there would be two nuclear missiles fired out of the Middle East at Russia, an attack designed to trick the Russians in to launching a nuclear missile at the United States.  The result, I believed, would be utter devastation of NYC and much of the Northeastern United States.  It would plunge America in to a great depression, making it ripe for a foreign takeover by globalist entities.

Here we are…it’s July 4th and there has been no attack…thank GOD and thank COMEY (but I’ll get back to Comey in a minute).

I have learned not to ignore the information that I get from the Akashic Records, because it is typically validated in some way, shape or form.  In this case, Q Anon confirmed, in his posts in March and April, that such a plot to initiate World War 3 with Russia was in play, much in the same way that I had outlined in my predictions.

If you don’t know by now, Q Anon, or “Q” for short, has been releasing inside information to the public for some time now, all in a somewhat cryptic fashion designed to promote awareness and compel curious followers to research and interpret the information. Many believe that Q is one or more individuals in military intelligence who are Trump loyalists, and true American heros.  Some believe that Q is President Trump himself. I personally believe that Q is completely legitimate, and is a fairly high ranking person in the intelligence community who may have 3 key assistants.

One of Q’s followers is Dr. Michael Salla, who produced the image that I’m using as my thumbnail for this recording, so thank you Dr. Salla. I encourage you to follow the link below to his full article on Q’s March and April 2018 posts wherein he reveals the Deep State’s plot to build nuclear weapons facilities in Syria in an effort to create an epic false flag nuclear attack on the United States.  The goal, according to Q, was to frame Russia and precipitate World War 3.  Sound familiar?

So, why are the Q revelation and my original predictions so important to note.

First, we should know that there are those in the United States and around the world who seek to cripple the United States in order to steal our wealth and enslave us, and will do anything to make it happen.  The Obama administration, the Clintons and others are all part of this group.  Every government beaurocrat who goes along with them just to keep their jobs, are part of the problem, too.

On a more ethereal level, Albert Einstein theorized that time exists in many different forms, one of them being in parallel dimensions. This leads me to wonder whether we have just experienced some sort of split in time, where some of us are living in a cold, dark world under a Hillary Clinton presidency.  The lucky ones…us…are living in a far better reality under President Trump wherein loyal Americans, some true American heros, and the hand of God, have steered us away from harm.

Looking forward into the rest of 2018, America is somewhat safe from harm, but in early 2019, we will see, or at least hear of 2-3 false flag events attempted in rapid succession beginning around the February timeframe, if not a little earlier.  This clamp down on the nefarious activities of the deep state clears the way for better times from 2020-2023, and we may even see a debt jubilee by 2023, as predicted by Nostradamus himself!

Now, with regards to James Comey, you may recall my short video, the one with the horse picture in the thumbnail, where I claimed that Comey was not intending to harm President Trump.  Considering all the evidence in the recent Inspector General’s report, this might sound far fetched, but think about it.  Why did Rod Rosenstein recommend that President Trump fire Comey if he was such a loyal deep-stater?  Was it because Rosenstien realized that Comey had a change of heart, and was preparing to board the Trump Train?

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

IVANKA TRUMP: President 2028? Psychic Predictions for the First Woman President

Forget Oprah Winfrey! It appears as if the United States may have to wait a few more years for its first female president, and it will most likely be Ivanka Trump, the oldest daughter of current President Donald J. Trump.

It is clear that the Deep State is gunning for the
impeachment of President Trump, using a strategy
many have called "death by a thousand cuts."  All
this despite sweeping tax reforms which have and
will continue to turn the economy of the United
States around, towards a complete renaissance
by the year 2023!
"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," when it
comes to the Trump family.  Don't be surprised
to see Ivanka Trump take on the presidency
for two whole terms in 2028!

Trump is everything that he claims to be, and is
truly working on behalf of the average American. He is a genius (and, a "stable" one at that) and so are each and everyone one of his children.  He is by no means a narcissist, and does not deserve the harsh treatment which could lead to an unfair (outrageous!) impeachment, or worse, death before the end of his second term.

If such events were to unfold, expect
at least 7 years of chaos following the Deep State's take-down of Trump.  Once they do, don't be surprised to see the far left regain control of the presidency in 2024, which would most certainly undo much of Trump's hard work, jeopardizing the future of America, once again.

But, never fear. The Trump family is loaded with children who share their father's great intelligence and passion for America.  Don't be surprised to see Ivanka step forward in a big way, beginning in 2024, with the end goal being to avenge her beloved father.

And, so she will!  Ivanka has been tailor made to be President of the United States and will certainly do so with little or no controversy, at least compared to her father's time in office.  Don't expect her to be anyone's puppet, but instead, she will surround herself with advisors that she can trust.

Despite growing up wealthy, Ivanka does understand that standing behind the American family is the best place to be, and it will serve her well in the future.

"TEXIFORNIA": The "New California" Declares its "Independence" from Liberal Hollywood and Silicon Valley Loonies

According to a recent CBS report, the founders of the state of New California, have announced their own version of the Declaration of Independence from --not the United States--just the rest of the state of California.
Proposed map of New California.

"Well, it's been ungovernable for a long time. High taxes, education, you name it, and we're rated around 48th or 50th from a business climate and standpoint in California," said founder Robert Paul Preston.

And , who can blame the movement for being fed up?  Increasingly, politicians like Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and liberal loonies in Hollywood have demonstrated that they're dangerously out of touch with the rest of America.  As I predicted upon Obama's election years ago, he would, and has, effectively driven a wedge in a deep divide in our country between the elites and the "real" economic participants.

I also predicted many years ago that the state of Texas and Southern California would create their own nation state I nicknamed "Texifornia."

You can view my original Youtube video (above).  You can also read about how Texifornia will impact the overthrow of Communism in China in the years ahead by visiting this link.

What's Next?
This is a real movement, folks, but it will meet with much resistance over the next two to five years, depending on the region.  However, I would expect to see the state of California (among several others) to be divided into more than two separate states by 2021!

Will this break-up be bad? Not really.  The urban areas who have been enjoying the tax revenues from the farming and industrial areas to subsidize welfare programs and so on will suffer, but inland areas should see significant economic development.

As far as the impact on the rest of the country, the state of TEXAS may also consider some form of movement towards independence from the United States, but it may come in the form of developing their own currency --one that is free from the encumbrances of the Federal Reserve which is controlled by foreign interests. The Texans may take longer to do so, but by the year 2026, we should see a very powerful leader who could rival that of the President of the United States, emerge from this area.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Obamacare 2017, Looking Back & What's Next?

Prior to the 2016 election on November 20th, 2016, I had correctly predicted that the year 2017 would NOT bring an end to Obamacare as it stands. Instead, as we near the end of the 2017, the historic Trump tax cut plan, which is expected to be signed by the President as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, is rumored to include a repeal of the Obamacare (a.k.a. The "Affordable Care Act") mandate that requires people to pay for a federally-approved health care plan, whether they want one or not.
The debacle of Obamacare is about to end. Fortunately, there
will be no program similar to this one dumped on the American
public for at least another 20 years.

It doesn't take a psychic to tell most Americans that the great Trump Tax Cut Plan of 2017 is likely to be signed in to law this week. This new plan is rumored to revoke the mandate that Americans purchase a Federally-approved healthcare plan, or pay a penalty (tax).  long with this historic tax cut, will come an incredible economic renaissance in the United States, especially between the years 2020 and peaking in the years 2023!  However, the unwinding of Obamacare is much more complicated than ink on paper!

As I originally predicted, this complicated puzzle of unwinding Obamacare will take at least another year (2018) of creative negotiations.  No, not with the Democrats, but instead, with the hundreds of thousands of vocal advocates (beneficiaries) of the program who will resist the transition to something new by 2019 and beyond.

Overall, it will take until the year 2021 for something new and far, far better than Obamcare, to emerge.  At that time, even skeptics like myself, may finally, at least consider, a move to a personalized health care plan that is finally...AFFORDABLE!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia Truth: First Hand Video Outlines Series of Events

You might recall that I warned readers of this blog (and my Youtube video watchers) that the events that unfolded in the Ukraine, beginning with the November 2013 protests in Maidan, could happen right here in the United States.  After all, it was American Neocons, led by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Former President Obama and John McCain (and "friends"), championing the causes of multinational corporations like Monsanto and Chevron, who funneled millions (if not BILLIONS) of taxpayer dollars to neo-Nazis in that country.

And now, we can see this prediction unfolding with the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The lamestream media has blamed violence that led to the death of one woman on White Nationalists who attempted to legally organize a protest in that town.  In the following video, we can see how the city and state police, and even the National Guard, conspired to instigate the violence that occurred.

Check it out:

Who is behind the curtain, or so to speak?  Blogger Zach Haller lends his own analysis to the case, pointing fingers at Clinton co-conspirators, Terry McAuliffe (Governor of Virginia and 2020 Presidential nominee wannabee) and his crony, Mike Signer, Mayor of Charlottesville.

Of course, racism is a terrible thing.  The Nazi image is offensive to many, but the fact is, these types of groups have been among of for years and years, and we've learned to quietly co-exist. Thanks to the Constitution, these groups have the legal right to express their opinions publicly and even demonstrate, as they attempted to do (with the help of the ACLU) in Charlottesville.

As such, they in no way deserve to be the victims of violence and selective application of the law, as is clearly shown in these videos.  As President Trump said in his press conference (I'm paraphrasing), "There are two sides to this story."  Look deeper, and you'll see it.

What's next for America?
Expect to see more orchestrated violence by Obama's alt-left, and Soros-funded organizations in and around the Charlottesville area for a few more weeks.  "Let no good crisis go to waste," is an Obama motto and he (and his benefactors) plan to fully exploit the situation.

President Trump will have his hands full with the CIA-funded media, who is trying hard to get him impeached, and he'll be battling their efforts for many months, right into 2018. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Obamacare Repeal and Replace Dead (As Predicted). GOP and Trump Attempt to Expand It Instead!

It's been a while since I've posted predictions, either here on my blog or on my Youtube channel, so I thought I'd post a series of small updates, beginning with Obamacare.

If you read my original post on November 20th, 2016, following the last presidential election when candidate Donald J. Trump trounced Hillary Clinton in a surprise win, you know that I predicted Obamacare wouldn't be easy to unravel.  In particular, I wrote:

Pictured: Senator Rand Paul (Source:

Obamacare just won't die in 2017, despite a special committee(s) designed just for the purpose of killing and replacing it. Honestly, the central banks and multinational corporations that benefit from this fascist business model are so deeply embedded in the U.S. federal government, that despite having both a House and Senate that are Republican, along with a Republican (in name) President, this initiative just goes no where fast!  

Yes, that's right.  I called Obamacare and its current mutation (let's just call it what it is), "Trumpcare", a "fascist business model that does nothing more than bail out big insurance companies!  

Senator Rand Paul, Trumpcare's biggest opponent points out the following in his recent Breitbart editorial:

"The Senate Obamacare bill does not repeal Obamacare. I want to repeat that so everyone realizes why I'll vote "no" as it stands now:  The Senate Obamacare bill does not repeal Obamacare. Not even close.  In fact, the Senate GOP bill codifies and likely expands many aspects of Obamacare."

"The bill will transfer billions of dollars to people who will then transfer billions of dollars to insurance companies." continues Paul.  "What a great business model-encourage the federal government to use taxpayer money to buy a private company's product.  Great business model, that is, if you are Big Insurance. Remarkable."

So there you have it. One way or another, we're stuck with Obamacare, at least until 2019, at which point it should be swept off the table, and in to the garbage once and for all.  Don't expect a "replacement" either. (Good!)

BREXIT & Prime Minister Theresa May Update

Almost one year ago, I posted a prediction about BREXIT and the newly appointed British Prime Minister Theresa May.  At the time, most Americans knew little (if anything) about May.  In that post, I predicted that May's days would be (relatively) numbered:

Prime Minister Theresa May (Reuters, Nicholls)
"Keeping good relationships with her country’s nearest neighbors while honoring the Brits’ desire to remain out of the European Union is an unworkable proposition, despite May’s prowess and willingness to communicate and negotiate with other European nations. It is unworkable simply because the European Union is falling apart, and each member country has major problems of its own to manage. What’s worse, the EU is marching to war between its member countries, exacerbated by Brussels and American interests, and this will all lead to a weakened Europe by 2020." 

"With all this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see May step down from her role as Prime Minister by 2019."

Since then, in June of 2017, Prime Minister May lost her majority in the general election, and positive public opinion of her is waning in the polls.  To make matters worse, Great Britain is struggling with higher than expected inflation and a waning economy.

So, what should we look for next?

I stand by my original prediction that May will be "out" by 2019.  However, the future for Great Britain is anything but secure, with calls to abandon the Brexit and rejoin the European Union lasting up to 2020. Furthermore, England will struggle to retain control over Ireland and Scotland, and may appear to be losing Scotland altogether by 2019.  However, Great Britain will remain together in its current form through 2020, and should enjoy a few years of peace and prosperity through 2023.  They will also continue as a sovereign nation, one apart from the European Union.

Still, there will come a time...around 2025...when we will see Great Britain at war once again, perhaps with one of its European neighbors such as France.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Unsolved Crime: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

Do you want to know who really killed six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey way back in 1996?  Check out my latest Youtube video!

Monday, December 19, 2016

2017: The Year Ahead for Hillary & Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner

Happy holidays!

If you haven't viewed my latest Youtube video prediction about the future of the Clintons and former Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, check it out:

While April of 2017 is a critical time for Huma Abedin, note that the Clintons are busy manufacturing her demise a little earlier than expected (Merry Christmas, Huma!). And, while they're busy doing that, they've also been manufacturing a war with Russia, blaming Putin and friends for Hillary's sordid email trail that was leaked to the public by a DNC insider (who was later brutally murdered, mind you).

Ah yes! Just another day in American politics!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Celebrity Psychic Predictions: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Be sure to visit my Youtube channel to get my take on the real reason Brad and Angelina split!

Check it out, and feel free to post your own requests for celeb insights. We want to learn more about your favorite celebrities from around the world--Brazil, India, China, Russia, Italy, France, Great Britain and more!

Up next? Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga! Stay tuned...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jill Stein's Recount & Delegate Vote in December-Trump Election in Jeopardy?

Apparently I'm not the only one who believes that the upcoming electoral college official "vote" to decide the presidency on December 19, 2016 could delay the official election of Donald J. Trump!

Listen to this X22 report on the subject, and also note that he comments about the Houthis in Yemen which is a topic I've touched on in previous posts, and also in this month's issue of The Star Prophet Magazine.

Click the link below to order a digital copy today!

Pictured: The December 2016 issue
of The Star Prophet magazine is
now available. Order a single copy here
or click here to subscribe.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Presidential Election Update: Still Not Over? Trump, Clinton, Pizzagate

It appears as if George Soros’ pre-election threat during a Bloomberg interview to use the electoral college to secure a Hillary Clinton victory is one step closer to being realized.

According to the Epoch Times:

“Several prominent members of the Electoral College are planning a “revolt” against President-elect Donald Trump—a long-shot move to prevent him being officially elected.

Each member of the Electoral College will have to cast an official ballot for the president on Dec. 19. But at least six Democratic electors are trying to deny Trump from winning an Electoral College majority in an attempt to block Trump and undermine the Electoral College’s legitimacy.

The six “faithless electors,” as they’re called, have vowed to cast ballots that don’t align with the popular vote in their respective states in an effort to persuade Republicans to vote against Trump.

“The Founding Fathers created the Electoral College as the last line of defense, and I think we must do all that we can to ensure that we have a Reasonable Republican candidate who shares our American values,” Michael Baca, an elector, said in a statement.”

If you watched my pre-election Youtube video, you know that I predicted that there would be no election winner until April of 2017.  In a subsequent video, I also predicted that there will be an assassination attempt against Donald Trump as soon as early January.

Now, if the electoral college manages to reduce their votes for Donald Trump below the 270 votes required to officially win the presidency, he is screwed.  But, that does not guarantee that Hillary Clinton will win enough votes to hit the minimum 270 either!

This means that there will be NO WINNER (as predicted) until the House of Representatives, led by Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, decides who the president will be!  And, if there’s agreement between both parties that neither Trump or Clinton is fit to lead the country, will that mean Paul Ryan, the next in line anyway, will be the President (as I predicted previously)?  We’ll have to wait and see because this one’s just too tough to call!

Happy Thanksgiving!